Start+ Project

Progetto Start+
Start+ Project

Investments to implement the in-house production cycle and cutting-edge technologies in the Smart Factory area

The aim of START+ project was to promote the competitiveness of small and medium-sized enterprises. G.P.S. Tech gathered all the material and intangible resources needed for the early-stages operation, in order to build solid foundations needed to be competitive on the market and to create an optimal environment for a proper development in the short and medium term.
Thanks to START+, G.P.S. Tech performed important investments on materials needed for an effective implementation of the productive cycle (from small-scale feasibility studies to working prototypes) as well as on intangible goods suitable for the Smart Factory with the best technologies available on the market.

Thanks to the commitment of the internal resources, G.P.S. Tech worked on the organization, management and focus in order to make its value proposal as concrete and feasible as possible: the development of high performance, sustainable alternatives to more traditional products in highly competitive industrial fields such as the plastic materials one, with particular focus on Building and Construction, Automotive, Packaging, Electrical and Electronic industry as well as textile, pharmaceutical, fields together with Nutraceutic and Cosmetic sectors in which polymeric materials can be applied in many different valuable ways.

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The partecipation to Start+ project is been able thanks to the strong partnership with: ImpresaLab.