Gps Tech: il tuo partner nel mondo dei polimeri



Innovation is the key for the future

G.P.S. Tech strongly believes that the road to development is intimately bounded to the R&D of innovative technologies, always keeping an eye on environmental protection and sustainability.

The Company is always focused on the creation of new solutions, thanks to the expertise of founding members and operating staff. Ideas are born and processed in technologically advanced laboratories for chemical synthesis and polymers and polymeric materials development.
The most promising "projects" are then led to higher level of technological advancement, both through internal resources as well as through collaboration with external partners.

Inside its working field, G.P.S. Tech gives technical support and services to third parties.



G.P.S. Tech is constantly focused on the development of new products to be employed in the polymers and materials field. The chemical background and multidisciplinarity of skills allows to find "out of the box" ideas, to develop at an industrial level.

The main research topics on which the Company's working are:



G.P.S. Tech believes that is mandatory to cooperate with both public institutions and private businesses on the territory. The ability to create partnerships allows to increase the know-how for all partners through the sharing of each one's expertise that otherwise would be confined within each reality.

G.P.S. Tech was able to build a strong, high value partnership, which allowed to receive funding for the Circular Textiles project, together with important Italian partners in the field of textiles Circular Textiles
In addition, G.P.S. Tech was funded as promising start up within the Start+ project .



  • Base research and development of innovative polymers and materials on laboratory scale
  • Research and development of tailor-made additives for polymeric materials
  • Development of innovative formulations
  • Development of analytical protocols


  • Preparation of compounds and masterbatches
  • Polymers loaded with either organic or inorganic fillers
  • Mechanical and rheological characterization


  • Technical consulting
  • Laboratory and analytical services
  • Problem solving
  • Characterization of unknown materials
  • Analyses following Reach's regulations


  • Specialistic courses for Companies under assignment
  • Training of technical staff in polymers and materials field
  • Technical and scientific disclosure with trade associations and at events